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Anderson Sliding Doors

Anderson Sliding Doorsare made by a private business that was started by Hans Andersen and family way back in 1903. The Dutch immigrant chose Hudson, Wisconsin as the location of the company since logs arrive there conveniently by way of the St. Croix River. Through the years, the family businessgrew into an international corporation that employs more than 9.000 workers at 20 locations. Its headquarters is now a 2.8 million square foot structure covering 65 acres in Bayport, Minnesota. Every year, the company makes over 6 million wooden doors and windows that are sold all over the world, making Anderson sliding glass doors famous in many countries.

Anderson Doors Selections

Anderson sliding doors are composed of at least a couple of panels. At least one of the panels glides over the other sliding panel. A wide variety of Anderson sliding patio doors is available on the market to suit different structures and styles. The following are the Anderson windows sliding glass doors that you can choose from:

  • A Series

This series of Anderson sliding doors will let you build any kind of architectural style. It is an innovation of the company that combines options that were selected and designed to function as one.

  • 400 Series

Known for its excellent performance and superior craftsmanship, you can find the best range of styles, accessories and sizes in the Anderson sliding doors 400 series.

  • 200 Series

This series is concentrated on the best-favored options and sizes, allowing consumers to get the best value from Anderson sliding doors at rare value.

  • 100 Series

This is a new series that offers low maintenance and affordable doors. The rich colors of the exterior are guaranteed not to flake, peel, blister or fade.

Useful Tips when Shopping for Anderson Sliding Doors

  • Consider your personal taste against the various features that are incorporated with the sliding patio doors. Do you prefer comfort or beauty or do you like more privacy than light quality? Talk with a dealer and plan with a professional to get the best sliding door for your particular needs and preferences. You should also consider the space where you are putting the sliding door, so that everything will be complementary.
  • Consider the U factor rating of the sliding door. The lower the rating, the better it would be since you will have to spend less on cooling or heating.
  • Test the sliding door. It should feel and sound like it is floating, not sliding. The ball bearing rollers on Anderson sliding doors are adjustable and ride on stainless steel that is hardened, giving quieter, smoother and more durable ride.

The sliding doors and sliding closet doors by Anderson combine the best door qualities and are very well crafted. It provides an entryway that also lets in light and warmth like a window. Creating a spectacular wall of light in your home is easy if you are going to combine Anderson windows with the Anderson sliding doors. And with the wide variety of accessories and hardware available from Anderson, creating the perfect style would be a breeze.